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Mexico (1993)

Sound artist, composer and drummer, currently based in Oaxaca, Mexico.

In recent years his work has focused on the composition of experimental electroacoustic music, using field recordings as primary sound and structural source, improvising with digital tools, and developing new musical notations that promote different approaches to the relationship between performer and sound exploration. His music shares a constant proximity to timbral exploration, the development of polyphonic textures created by simultaneous layers with irregular rhythmic cycles, noise and static harmonies.

Alonso has developed his career as a composer and performer in different fields such as contemporary music, experimental electronic music, theater, dance, film, and television. His music has been presented in different venues in Mexico, Germany, Spain and Canada, by performers such as Bogi Nagy, CEPROMUSIC, Ensamble Taller Sonoro, Bozzini Quartet, Wapití Ensemble, Mauricio Nader, Juanra Urrusti and the composer himself.

Since 2016 has taught History of Western Music at the Center for Musical Research and Studies (CIEM) in Mexico City.

He is currently composing, producing, and performing as drummer with the psychedelic rock and punk band Pai Pai.

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